The Marathon Running Coach



My Goal… Your Success!

Everyone is different. This is why a personal trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training environment that corresponds directly to your expectations. I am here to give you helpful advice and help you achieve exactly what you want.

My main goal is to have all of my clients achieve their running goals and enjoy injury free training experiences. Additional goals include the formulation of cutting-edge training programs, the provision of coaching and support, and the teaching of valuable running/exercise and nutritionist skills and techniques. 



When I was about 10 years old, due to a disease to my right hip, I was told that I wouldl not be able to do any sport especially a contact sport or one where I would put pressure on my hips.

I grew up in South Africa. At 8 years old I was diagnosed with Perthes disease (Perthes is a condition in children characterized by a temporary loss of blood supply to the hip. Without an adequate blood supply, the rounded head of the femur (the "ball" of the "ball and socket" joint of the hip) dies. Although the term 'disease' is still used, Perthes is really a complex process of stages. Treatment of Perthes may require periods of immobilization or limitations on usual activities.

I was the first patient to have surgery in our city for Perthes. The surgery was to my right hip where two stainless steel pins were placed. I remained in the hospital for about 6 months with weights on my right leg to pull my leg and keep it extended and straight. For two years after that I had irons (similar to those of Forest Gump) on my right leg and had to wear built-up shoes. After that I was bed ridden for another 6 months with a plaster of paris cast from my torso all the way down to my toes of my right leg. The doctors told me that I would never be able to do any sports, that I would need to wear a build up shoe on my right leg for the rest of my life, and that I would need a hip transplant when I reach the age of 40.

I can still remember the days when I would crawl to our front gate, waiting for my brother to come home from school. He would pick me up and help me as I was limping towards our front door of our home. I cannot remember how long it took me before I could walk unaided again but I can remember that I was very determined to not only start walking again, but to prove to everyone and myself, that I will be able to run!

As a child I would go to the senior track meetings and as with all the other children would wait for the top athletes to sign my athlete-signing book. I always had a dream to one day also be an athlete like them.

Through the rest of my school years I managed to run cross country and long distances as the slower pace for these races did not affect my hip that much. In the early 1980’s, due to the stress and pain on my hip, I had to stop running.

For several years I have slowly started my way back to running and TODAY I have reached my goal as a Marathon Runner as well as an International Certified Running and Marathon Coach helping others to achieve their goals as well.